Proper Aftercare For Your Organic Spray Tan

You just got your awesome, beautiful, bronze organic spray tan. It looks amazing! But how do you keep it that way as long as possible? Proper aftercare is essential to extend the life of your spray tan.

Immediately after:
-Wear loose, dark clothing after your session.
-Sweating, getting wet, or applying lotion/makeup/etc before the first shower can cause streaks in your tan and prevent it from fully developing. Staying cool and dry until that first shower is key!

About 20-30 min after:
-Wash your palms ONLY with water (no soap) and thoroughly dry, taking care not to wet or rub the back of the hands with the towel. This ensures any solution you may have accidentally gotten on your palms by touching yourself before the tan was completely dry and settled will be washed away.

About 1.5-2 hours after:
-With water only, wash palms again, then LIGHTLY rinse the back of your hands. No scrubbing. Dry very gently by patting dry. Our hands have lots of small cracks and folds and often the skin is drier than the rest of our body. This ensures your hands will not develop too darkly and look natural!

2-12 hours after:
-You can take your first shower anytime after 2 hours. The longer you wait to shower, the darker your tan will develop. Most people like to shower around the 8 hour mark, but this is totally client preference. When you shower, use a sulfate-free body wash, like our Coconut Mint Body Wash or our Lemongrass Cleansing Foam. Sulfates strip the tan and may make it fade more quickly. Do not scrub vigorously. Gently wash your body and rinse well. Pat dry.

body wash

Award Winning Eco by Sonya Coconut Mint Body Wash is Soap-free, SLS free, and Synthetic free. The blend of coconut, peppermint & aloe vera is suitable for all skin types and gentle for the whole family. It cleanses & hydrates skin without stripping natural oils while free from artificial fragrances, parabens & GMOs, making it ideal for prolonging the life of your tan.

Lemongrass Cleansing Foam

Eco by Sonya Lemongrass Cleansing Foam is a divine blend of aloe vera, lemongrass, pink grapefruit, and coconut with so many amazing properties. It cleanses & hydrates skin without stripping natural oils to prolongs the life of your tan. Soap-free, SLS free, Synthetic free, and free from artificial fragrances, parabens & GMOs, this gentle formulation is suitable for the whole family and all skin types.

Other tips:
-Moisturize with a high-quality moisturizer like our Coconut Body Milk every day, immediately after your shower on damp skin.
-Avoid extremely hot showers and long swims in chlorinated water.
-Do not exfoliate until you are preparing for your next spray tan!

Coconut Body Milk

Eco by Sonya Coconut Body Milk is a nourishing moisturizer for body, hands & face provides instant relief to dehydrated skin & promotes the appearance of smooth, healthy & younger looking skin. It’s  Long-lasting, soothing hydration is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin & skin conditions. The gentle, unisex & unscented formulation for the whole family. Certified Organic aloe vera soothes skin, while a luxurious blend of coconut, jojoba & macadamia delivers intense nourishment. Those with sensitive, dry skin will benefit most from Coconut Body Milk.

We hope these tips help you maintain a beautiful tan! If you have any questions about organic spray tan aftercare, feel free to comment below or give us a call.

We look forward to seeing you for your next session.


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