Organic Spray Tanning

About Our Tanning Products

At Silver Sky Organics, we take priority in providing you the safest, most beautiful tan, in the most comfortable environment possible. All of our tans use the highest quality, organic, vegan solutions by Eco Tan. There are no synthetic dyes, ingredients, orange color, or fake tan smell.

We offer a range of colors perfect for any skin type. The solutions are non-sticky, quick drying, look natural, and fade evenly.
Honey Glow: Stunning golden bronze tones. Specially formulated for dry, sensitive skin. 
Lux Glow: Our most popular color! Stunning golden bronze combined with deep, earthy brown tones. Specially formulated for combination skin.

Glam Glow: Stunning deep, earthy brown tones. Specially formulated for normal to oily skin. 

Each tan is hand-sprayed by a highly trained technician while you stand in our proprietary, state-of-the-art, heated, extraction booth. The booth 
keeps you warm and comfortable during your session and removes overspray from the air, so you can breathe freely. During your session, you may dress to your comfort level. We provide and include, at no extra cost, all of the following optional products with your tanning sessions: disposable undergarments, hair nets, hair ties, sole protectors, nose filters, barrier creams, eye protection, and lip balm.  

After your session, you may shower as early as 2+ hours or leave it on for up to 12 hours for deeper color. The longer the solution is on the skin, the darker it develops. Your new, beautiful glow will last 7-10 days. 

– Our Professional, Tanning and Body Care range is Certified Organic by the Organic Food Chain Australia.
– We are Accredited Toxic Free by Safe Cosmetics Australia.
– Our Tanning and Body Care range is Vegan.
– We are Accredited by Choose Cruelty Free.

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Spray Tanning Prep & Aftercare

Before Your Organic Spray Tan Session

– Exfoliate with an oil-free exfoliating product, like our Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub and Tan Remover Glove 24-48 hours prior to your appointment.
– Shave 24 hours prior to your appointment.
– To ensure even application, please do not wear any makeup, deodorant, moisturizers, or perfume to your tanning sessions.
–  Please bring loose, dark clothing and flip-flops to wear afterward.
– You may shower as early as 2 hours after your spray tan or leave on up to 12 hours for a deeper color. Color will continue to develop for up to 48 hours following application.

After Your Organic Spray Tan Session

– Use a soap and SLS-free body wash such as our Coconut Mint Body Wash or Lemongrass Cleansing Foam.
– Pat skin dry after showering, do not rub with towel. Then while skin is still damp, moisturize with our Coconut Body Lotion every day, to nourish and extend your spray tan.
– Avoid hot showers and long swims, especially in chlorinated water.
– Avoid exfoliation after your spray tan…until you are ready for your next session.

Standard Package Pricing

Service Regular Price
Individual Spray Tan
Membership w/ auto drafts 2 tans / mo
$100.00 ($50.00/each)
Membership w/ auto drafts 4 tans / mo
$190.00 ($47.50/each)
Package of 5
$250.00 ($50.00/each)
Package of 10
$475.00 ($47.50/each)
Package of 15
$675.00 ($45.00/each)
Teeth & Tanning Combo

(Retail Value $304.00)

  • Diamond Teeth Whitening Session
  • Spray Tan (Color of Your Choice)
20% off all home tanning products with the purchase of a membership or package. Membership fees are automatically drafted from your bank account every month. The tans purchased with a membership must be used in the month they are purchased. They do not roll over and are not transferable. Packages are purchased, in advance, for a one-time fee. The tans can be used at any time and never expire. They are not transferable.

Frequently Asked Questions

With proper aftercare, your tan will last 7-10 days.

Absolutely! Our tanning and body care range is 100% vegan.

Yes, all our products are gluten free. The wheat in our professional solutions is gluten free, as it is a derivative of wheat and does not contain the gluten protein.

DHA (dihydroxyacetone) is an active ingredient in most self-tanning products. It reacts with skin cells on the surface, making the skin darker. Synthetic DHA is derived of chemicals and can weaken the skin’s surface, penetrate the cell wall, and enter the bloodstream. Studies have shown that synthetic DHA can cause DNA in skin cells. Organic DHA, is derived from organic sugar beets. Organic DHA only reacts with amino acids in the top layer of dead skin cells and cannot penetrate the cell walls of the skin’s surface.

No, even though spray tanning makes your skin darker, it does not protect you from the sun. The use of sunscreen is still necessary to prevent skin damage from harmful UV rays.

Of course! Please be aware that chlorine, other chemicals and heating used in some swimming pools may decrease the life of your tan.

No way! We are passionate advocates for animal protection and are certified by Choose Cruelty Free and Licensed by PETA to guarantee that our products and ingredients have never been tested on animals.

We always recommend consulting a health care professional when pregnant as everyone and every pregnancy journey is different, even with Certified Organic products. Our range is made with only organic and natural ingredients Certified by the OFC, accredited Toxic Free by Safe Cosmetics Australia and loved by many expectant and new moms. We recommend a 24 hour patch test before application.

In most cases, no the tan will not rub off on fabrics. However, everyone’s body chemistry is different, so while it is unlikely, we cannot guarantee it won’t happen. To reduce the risk, wait until after your first shower to wear light colored clothing.

No, we take great precaution to help you properly apply barrier cream before each session to protect your nails from the spray. After the tan, the barrier cream is removed and your nails appear just the same as before the tanning session.

Yes! Men can enjoy the same benefits of an organic spray tan as ladies do!